Keeping Your Child At The Center Of Your Divorce Agreement

The most contentious issue in a divorce often is child custody. When the relationship between the parents turns adversarial, it can be more difficult than ever to keep the child's needs at the forefront. At the Law Offices of Mathew Olkin in Willimantic, I can help you evaluate your situation and explore the options that will put your child first while protecting your rights as the parent.

Don't Lose Sight of Your Priorities

While the issue of child custody can be a point of contention, it also can be a potential avenue to draw the parents into closer alignment. After all, the parents almost always can agree on this one thing: each of them wants a parenting plan that will best serve the child. Starting from that common viewpoint, it simply becomes a question of how to achieve that goal.

  • Seeing beyond the current conflict: No matter how heated the battle may have become, there's always a way forward. Finding the way to a better situation often involves ratcheting down the emotion and taking a more level-headed assessment of what you and your child really need. The lawyer, by working as a buffer between the parties, and keeping the focus on how to come up with a better arrangement, can help bypass the drama and move on to resolution. A knowledgeable lawyer will tell you that when both parents play an active role in crafting the parenting plan, the plan will better serve the child and will be followed more faithfully.
  • Putting the child first: While some parents fight for sole custody with maximum child support, this may not necessarily be in the best interests of your child. While such arrangements may have been more common in the past, today Connecticut courts aim to maintain and foster healthy relationships between the child and each of its parents. A smart attorney is one who knows that the client's objectives can be better achieved by embracing, rather than rejecting, the benefits of shared custody and co-parenting.
  • Ensuring the child's voice is heard: Even when a child has strong feelings about a proposed custody arrangement, it can be tricky to ensure that they will be heard effectively without unknowingly raising concerns about your own motivations. In the context of a divorce, whenever a child expresses a preference for one parent over another, a court may suspect the child has been coached – rightly or wrongly. The appointment of a neutral Guardian Ad Litem for the child can help ensure that the child's stated wishes will be seen as legitimate.

Of course, each unique situation requires its own solution. By consulting an experienced family law attorney, you can make more informed decisions on your divorce that will put your child first. I have been trusted families in Windham County and across eastern Connecticut, and will always provide candid counsel that helps you meet your family's goals.

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